What Are the Benefits of Reading 30 Minutes a Day?

What Are the Benefits of Reading 30 Minutes a Day?

Reading is a fun activity that helps your child in many ways. It improves your child’s social, educational, and personal lives in a good manner. Many schools in the UAE have introduced reading as an important activity in the curriculum. It is a basic skill that every child needs to learn in their early stages of education. Reading has many benefits that help your child in the long run. Ajman schools have included reading time in their student’s activities.

Develops Brain

Studies have shown that reading every day improves the functions of the brain. Reading is a complex task for your brain and therefore, reading is an exercise for your child’s brain. It helps build some neurological connections within the brain and strengthens these connections over time.

Improves Concentration

Reading is a skill that requires your child to sit in one place for some time to read. Your child has to be still, quiet, and focused for the duration of their reading time. This improves their concentration power over time if practiced consistently.

Improves Language Skills and Vocabulary

Needless to say, reading is a skill where your child will be introduced to a lot of new words. This helps them learn more words and improves their vocabulary. Reading a variety of books also enables students to improve their language skills. It strengthens their language holistically.

Improves Imagination

Reading improves the imagination power of your child. As your child reads, their minds create imaginary pictures that correspond to the text. It helps your child to picture the scenarios, people, places, and anything that they could be reading in their minds. Younger children are able to picture these images more clearly.

Develop Empathy

Continuing with the imagination aspect of reading, your child is also able to understand and connect with the emotions that are described in the book. It helps your child to understand feelings and empathize with characters over time.

Introduces Children to the World Around

When your child reads a variety of books, they learn a lot about the world around them. The description of situations helps them to know more about people, nature, places, and in general, improves their general knowledge.


The benefits of reading for 30 minutes every day are mentioned above. Reading helps in the overall development of your child and benefits them in the long run. City American School is one of the schools in Ajman that understands the importance of reading. They have introduced reading skills in their curriculum.

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